Home Body Starter Kit

Home Body Starter Kit

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This set is perfect for the philosophical person who is beginning their tea journey. 

Included is a Cast Iron Teapot with a built in infuser that is easily cleanable. The color options available are: Teal, Blue and Read

Teapot will give a new tea connoisseur enough servings for 2/3 cups.

Organic Blends Included are Elevate, Half Moon & Vanilla Chai. Three of our current most purchased blends. You'll love the variety between decaffeinated, lightly caffeinated green tea and a caffeinated black chai with a hint of vanilla.

Organic Elevate Ingredients: Peppermint & Lavender (Decaffeinated).

Organic Half Moon Ingredients: Jasmine, Lemon, Ginger, Chamomile (Lightly Caffeinated)

Organic Vanilla Chai Ingredients: Traditional Masala Chai & Lavender (Caffeinated). Tastes great alone or paired with your favorite non dairy milk.

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